Driveways, Paving and Patios

Do you have any unused space at the front of you house, maybe a garden that looks a mess. drivewayHave your kids grown up now and have a car of their own yet no room on the drive? We can design and build a new drive for you in either brick paving or gravel. Having a driveway is the next best thing to having your car parked securely in a garage, with off road parking you can lower your insurance and it means no one will damage your car when parked on the road.

Paving & Patios
Paving adds a nice touch to your home, this could be a footpath up to your front door or a nice new patio in your garden. If you have a patio in your garden originally laid down by the builders who built your house chances are it will be a rushed job and by now not level. We can replace this with a bespoke design patio or paving using stylish bricks. You may already have a nice patio, but want one in the last sunny spot in the garden for spending time on in the evening. Give us a call today for a quote.

Cleaning Commercial and Domestic
Do you have a nice driveway or patio which still in good condition but is starting to look a bit aged with moss growing in the gaps and algae on the bricks or slabs? We will give a thorough clean of you paving using the latest rotary cleaninpavingg pressure jet washer.

We have a four stage plan, firstly we will remove and debris, then we have an an option stage of treating the paving with a fungicidal weed killer. We then fill all the gaps with sand and then clean away the excess sand making your paving look brand new again.

We can clean large commercial areas as well as domestic drives, paving and patios.